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FIA Technology

FIA Technology (FIA) was established in 2008 to design and develop floating wetland products.  FIA is an independent company with a vision – to provide a safe and environmentally friendly solution to the pollution of lakes and water bodies caused by excess nutrients and heavy metals emanating from stormwater drains and creeks entering the water bodies.

FIA utilizes waste  recyclates of plastics and foams to manufacture floating panels to support the hydroponic growth of wetland plants that purify water by the action of plants and bacteria.  These are totally natural processes, well known in conventional wetlands. Floating Wetlands are highly efficient due to the high surface area of the panel and the root mass suspended in the water column.

Download a PDF brochure about FIA Technology's services.


FIA was a finalist in the prestigious PlastixANZ – Plastics Industry Achievement Award 2013 in the category of Design and Innovations, sponsored by BASF Australia.  The award recognises the novelty and ingenuity of our floating panels design which uses six different plastics in their construction, mainly from recycled streams (95%) with a small component of virgin material (5%). 


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