FIA Technology
Floating Wetlands provide a natural method for purifying water
in contaminated water bodies


Floating Wetland Applications

Floating Wetlands are specially designed panels that provide maximum habitat for bacteria as well as a durable platform for growing wetland macrophytes. The panels contain a mix of fillers that provide buoyancy, high surface area and stability. The panel components do not biodegrade and provide a long lasting bio-filtration system.

established floating wetland

Given the key role that bacteria play in water purification, our panels are designed to maximize the surface area available for biofilm formation. One square metre of panel provides almost 1000 square metres of microscopic surface area. Combined with the
plant roots in the water column, this gives highly efficient water purification.

Floating Wetland Panel - Large is a 2.3m by 0.76m panel designed to be joined together for large installations. The modular panel design lends itself to open grid configurations which optimise performance.

Recommended planting is 15 varied wetland macrophytes.

floating wetland frame

Floating Garden Panel Applications

Decorative plants will flourish in the planting pots attached to the panel without necessarily penetrating the panel. They grow hydroponically so the only watering requirement is to maintain some water in the pond or container. Planting some spreading species around the edge will hide the panel and give the appearance of a floating garden. Water depth is not important; panels can be grown in all depths from children's paddling pools to a converted swimming pool. A mix of decorative and wetland species is recommended

Floating Wetland Panel - Small is a 0.85m x 0.85m panel designed for smaller water bodies. Recommended planting is five plants. Decorative plants can be mixed with wetland species if improved aesthetics are required. Please ask your nursery or contact FIA for recommendations. Ground cover species can be planted directly onto the panel surface anchored with cable ties to cover the panel appearance.

frame for floating garden small floating wetland garden

Bird Guard Kits

FIA can supply individual bird guards for fixing to the planting pockets. Guards are made of green mesh to minimise visual impact. These provide protection against plant removal by birds during the establishment phase. Guards can be removed after a couple of months or simply left in place for the plants to grow through them.

Mesh guards are preferable to netting which has the disadvantages of visual impact, risk of bird entanglement and need for subsequent removal.

Design Advice

FIA and its authorised representative, Clearwater Lakes and Ponds Pty Ltd, are happy to provide advice on configuration, anchoring and planting of Floating Wetlands.